Author: sam

Weekend Leads

Hi all I’m sure I’m not the only one on the weekend i take leads offers which are not serious or even close leads and then they never pay this happens more on weekends maybe people that are bored or can’t afford to buy the domain but it’s just a pointless exercise. I would rather […]

Domain Leads

I handle a huge amount of leads for my premium domains but when it’s a £50 offer for a domain prices in the £xx,xxx range it’s not going to work we have heard all of the story’s ‘It’s for my student project it’s all i can afford… Simple pay the price or find another domain […]

$30 million sale of sets a new record of highest cash price paid for a domain name. This just shows a good domain name can be sold for any amount and as time goes on domain value rises i will keep easing my prices for .com and i hold lots of high quality […]