Domain Offers

As we move towards December 2021 I have found this year I have had more low ball offers than previous years may be due to people that have no real clue about domain names but now suddenly they want a better domain name. I own some of the best domain names why would I sell them for low £x,xxx. I couldn’t of got them in 1995 for this why on earth would I sell in 2021 for that these are the best asset that a company can own and they have the cheek to make these offers.

We are developing domain names and turning them into traffic generating domains/sites which will only increase the value of the domain.

What people and companies don’t think about once the domain has been sold this was generally never come back on the market for sale with a high quality premium domain you wont see many of these domains as most of them have been purchased by big brands that know the power of a domain name.

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