London Domain Summit

I recently attended the London domain summit in London held on the 22nd or august to 23rd of august this was the first real domain event in UK for a long time. The last time I attended a event was nearly 3 years ago due to the world locking down !!. I have done a…

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How are domain names doing ?

We are in June now how does time fly so quick ! Domains are still very much hot and I still hold some very nice premium domains like and many other great domain names I still get many emails but most are time wasting offers so please if you want a good domain…

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Sales of domain names

(90% of domain sales go unreported) 1. £1,200,0002. £1,100,000 3. $1,099,798 4. £600,000 5. £501,000 6. £500,000 7. £308,000 8. $300,0009. £187,20010. £175,000 11. $205,000 (£160,000)12. £150,000 13. £135,00014. £130,42515. £120,00016. £110,00017. £108,00018. £100,00018. £100,00018. £100,000 19. £87,500 20. $106,769 (£85,000)

Does Domain Extension Affect SEO?

Here is what Google says “The answer is yes. While a country code domain name helps our systems to geotarget for that country, it still allows for global visibility.The only limitation is that you can’t specify other countries for geotargeting. For example, if you have a .fr website for France, you could use that globally….

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Its friday

Hello all as we move towards the end of January I am getting more website development on the go and taking more of my domains off the market forever now that the internet is the place to be why sell the domain name when it can be used and developed into a business. If people…

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Best Marketing Investment

The reason a super premium .Com or domain name is the best marketing investment is because it’s relatively inexpensive to get started, and it keeps going up in value by doing nothing; then you can index your website and domain in Google and elsewhere forever with disproportionately high ranking.  Plus they’re memorable unlike lesser domains; all…

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