How Much Do Premium Domains Sell For?

The price of premium domains varies depending on their age. They are usually less than 15 years old, so they will not have much of a market value. However, shorter domains can still have a high market value. Also, long and complex domain names are more difficult to purchase. A short and simple domain name will have the best chance of getting you the highest price. Whether you plan to use the domain for a business or for personal purposes, a premium domain will help you reach your goals.

how much do premium domains sell for

Premium domains are great for SEO, as they generate quality traffic. You don’t need to explain what the domain name means, and you won’t have to spend a lot of time promoting it. In addition, premium domains will boost page rankings and increase your organic traffic. If your business is looking to sell products or services online, a premium domain name will help you achieve your goal.

Another tip for selling a premium domain is to know what the renewal cost will be. You should consider how much you are willing to invest in marketing and advertising before purchasing a premium domain name. Ensure that you include the cost of registering the domain name in your overall budget. Even though premium domains are more expensive than their standard counterparts, you can get a higher price if you’re willing to pay more for it.

When buying a premium domain, it’s important to make sure that you know about it first. While some premium domains can cost you as much as $100,000, it is possible that the domain will be worth less than the price you want. In either case, you need to be confident in your choice. If you’re sure it’s the right one, you won’t have to worry about the price.

Premium domain names can be difficult to find, especially when popular keywords are involved. These keywords can easily cost a business hundreds of dollars. But, if you’re able to find a premium domain name that is not too expensive, you’ll be rewarded. With this in mind, there are many reasons to consider a premium domain name. It’s a wise investment for your business or personal life.

The cost of premium domains is typically higher than the average domain. This is due to the fact that they are more valuable than the average domain. It’s also because they have better SEO and brandability. As a result, premium domains can be more expensive. It’s advisable to register a domain name early in order to ensure that you have the best chance of winning. This way, you can increase its potential value and avoid any hassles that may arise.

Besides being more expensive, premium domains often have hidden costs. If they’re already owned, the previous owners will likely put them up for sale. If the domain is sold by an existing owner, the transfer can be a slow process. But if the name is already taken, it will be easy for the new owner to pick it up. A premium domain name will be a perfect fit for a business.

When it comes to buying premium domains, you need to do your research. It’s essential to research the keywords of the website you want to create. Some premium domains may be incredibly competitive and not be worth the money. The price of a premium domain is higher than the average price of the same name registered by an individual. Therefore, if you’re considering a domain name with a trademark, you’ll want to research the keyword and the owner’s background.

If you’re not able to afford the premium domains, you should check out other options. In some cases, premium domains have been used for an outdated website. Consequently, it’s wise to consider this option before paying for a premium domain. Once you’ve decided on the niche, you can register your new website. If you decide you’ll keep your domain, it’s important to consider your future business model.

Domain Offers

As we move towards December 2021 I have found this year I have had more low ball offers than previous years may be due to people that have no real clue about domain names but now suddenly they want a better domain name. I own some of the best domain names why would I sell them for low £x,xxx. I couldn’t of got them in 1995 for this why on earth would I sell in 2021 for that these are the best asset that a company can own and they have the cheek to make these offers.

We are developing domain names and turning them into traffic generating domains/sites which will only increase the value of the domain.

What people and companies don’t think about once the domain has been sold this was generally never come back on the market for sale with a high quality premium domain you wont see many of these domains as most of them have been purchased by big brands that know the power of a domain name.

Domain Enquiries

As we move into July 2021 i can see many more domain enquiries coming in on a daily basis but we still have many people that time waste and promice things which never happen ! I recently had a enquiry for one domain by 4 brokers all wanting a price which I gave then they disappear saying the client doesn’t have the budget thats fine then he won’t have the domain someone else will have it 🙂

The CCTLD market is red hot and I can see most if the good domains will end up in the hands of people that undertstand having a good domain is important the others will left behind running on the wrong extensions killing the brand they own. If you operate in the UK you need to own a

Please if you contact me wanting to buy a domain don’t mess me around as if you do the price will be much higher when you come back after making that mistake.

The Power of a Premium Domain Name

Peter Coppinger, co-founder and CEO at Teamwork talking about the acquisition of the domain name and how this decision changed his company forever.

Video summary:
– Peter made a $100k offer to the owner of
– The owner replied: – low offer? No thanks, I’d consider 675K –
– Peter accepted the offer and bought the domain name.
– He launched the domain name in 2014. It paid for itself in only 1 year, igniting the company with an explosion in growth.

Because customers Trust companies with Premium domains. A Premium domain name transmits Authority, Credibility and Leadership. Is Memorable, brings Attention, Visibility and enhances your brand… while appreciates its value over time.

In one single operation.


I have sold which is now off the market for ever sold for £20,000 as I said before 3 letter domains should be on average this price the better ones should be high £xx,xxx to £xxx,xxx I had many offers on this domain but its a great name so didnt sell unless I had the right offer.

You can see the sale was published in all the main domain news as too many people dont publish sales and they need to. I hold some of the best domain names which i have invested in for many years and i simply will not sell them unless the offer is right we are living in a digital real estate now.

The online world continues to grow

As we move onto the end of October you can see more small and large businesses moving online with lots of local lockdowns happening people just dont want to go to the shops. I find most men are happy to shop online and only go shopping if they really want to see something like a phone/watch etc

I have found many retail shops with no online presence apart from maybe a facebook page or instagram it just shocks me really its 2020 everyone should at least have a domain name with your own presence.

We understand not everyone can afford a premium domain name but who wants your competitors having it ? Its one of the best marketing tools you can ever own !

When some companies using a poor domain are happy to blow £XXX,XXX per month of google ads when they should own the best domain name !

As we move forward domain name values are increasing and once its off the market you won’t have a chance again.

Secure the best domain name

There is no other asset or one-time strategic move that can fundamentally and so quickly impact the brand, credibility, revenue, success, and valuation of a company than the acquisition of its category and exact keyword match domain name, to the tune of tens- hundreds of millions. And to think that the acquisition is an appreciating asset. If you are a strategic leader, do not sleep on it. The case studies from your peers are real. Happy to discuss with anyone who I can help this is not a free service.

Remote Working

Since the last few months it’s been a rush for lots of companies to rush to get the company online and running remote. I have been saying this for years and years advising clients you need to make sure you are prepared for the future the online world is here to stay and will keep growing…

Lots of people have never been allowed to work remote but since everything has happened this is now the new normal. This is now change for me its my life style and that’s what I enjoy being stuck in a office is not the life I want !

I find most people working from home or remote anywhere are far more productive with lots more people now online the internet is getting busy people wanting to start new ventures and small to large companies looking to invest in the online space the UK is behind the USA.