2023 London Domain Summit

Hello all,

I recently attended the London domain summit on the 22nd of August to the 23rd of August.


I attended the first London domain summit which happened last year in 2022 I have always supported helmuts with this event to get domain name investor and people in the domain name industry together.

After arriving to the event a day early i got to see London and spend some time with people I haven’t seen a long time.

I had a look at the venue the night before and I could tell they have put so much effort into this event the venue was great this was held at the Hilton hotel in London and held in one of the conference areas this was a big place and it was filled lots of space to network and a great stage which looked amazing.

I always think i have time to get around and chat to everyone but this never happens I got to meet some amazing people new and old freinds.

Networking is really key in the online world you cant just hide away you need to expand your network meet the faces behind the keyboard.

This event made this happen great venue great food and a great evening I want to say thank you for this and lets support this and take this further.

I will upload some pictures of the event soon.

Would I attend another event I am not sure at the moment to be I love these events but it takes away several days of my time and its great to network but I am thinking about running my own event get together.

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