Author: sam

Remote Working

Since the last few months it’s been a rush for lots of companies to rush to get the company online and running remote. I have been saying this for years and years advising clients you need to make sure you are prepared for the future the online world is here to stay and will keep […]

Best Marketing Investment

The reason a super premium .Com or domain name is the best marketing investment is because it’s relatively inexpensive to get started, and it keeps going up in value by doing nothing; then you can index your website and domain in Google and elsewhere forever with disproportionately high ranking. Plus they’re memorable unlike lesser […]

Welcome to May !

Hello everyone we now have been in lockdown over 7 weeks and things have changed more and more emails asking for advise on domain names and people wanting to start a new company online i feel if your going to take that step do it now as the online world is booming ! With lots […]

Some recent .com sales

Here are some recent sales in the last few months 30,000,000 USD 2019-05-30 Private 8,133,000 USD 2019-07-31 Private 1,500,000 USD 2019-10-20 Uniregistry 1,250,000 USD 2019-11-14 VIP Brokerage 1,000,000 USD 2019-07-30 Sedo 950,000 USD 2019-06-09 GetYourDomain 797,361 USD 2019-06-25 Sedo 609,068 USD 2020-02-27 Sedo 600,000 USD 2019-12-15 […]