.COM / CO.UK domain name

when it comes to owning a domain name in the UK the should be your first choice if you only trade or do business in the UK if your world wide then secure the .COM but you might find it will be hard to secure both with the power of a domain name you can brand better and have a ongoing marketing platform.

The best investment you can have is the domain name some companies drop millions on CPC per month but don’t have a decent domain don’t miss out before the domain you want is SOLD they only normally get sold once then you will have lost out.

Best Marketing Investment

The reason a super premium .Com or domain name is the best marketing investment is because it’s relatively inexpensive to get started, and it keeps going up in value by doing nothing; then you can index your website and domain in Google and elsewhere forever with disproportionately high ranking.

Plus they’re memorable unlike lesser domains; all of which adds perpetual free customers to your ever rising investment.

Welcome to May !

Hello everyone we now have been in lockdown over 7 weeks and things have changed more and more emails asking for advise on domain names and people wanting to start a new company online i feel if your going to take that step do it now as the online world is booming !

With lots of retail shops struggling as they never adapted online i do see it taking a long time for anyone to go back to normal life going down to the local shops…

Having a online store is great 24/7 taking orders no need to pay huge running costs just having someone update the site even if its along side your normal retail shop it will increase your revenue stream I never understand people that make a mistake with running a shop via facebook or twitter or via a free service you need to own your domain name the best marketing asset you could ever own !

Some recent .com sales

Here are some recent sales in the last few months

  • 30,000,000 USD 2019-05-30 Private
  • 8,133,000 USD 2019-07-31 Private
  • 1,500,000 USD 2019-10-20 Uniregistry
  • 1,250,000 USD 2019-11-14 VIP Brokerage
  • 1,000,000 USD 2019-07-30 Sedo
  • 950,000 USD 2019-06-09 GetYourDomain
  • 797,361 USD 2019-06-25 Sedo
  • 609,068 USD 2020-02-27 Sedo
  • 600,000 USD 2019-12-15 Pvt Sale
  • 565,000 USD 2019-09-29 Name Ninja

The Online Future is here

As we move on to another 3 weeks that we are locked down in the UK we will see lots of changes happening for companies around the world as i always have advised small to large companies online you need to be online not facebook but your own online space not everyone can afford a premium domain so if you cant register a domain you can for now but dont wait to long as premium domain names are just like property they will go up in value.

Lots of people are using video to chat and update each other daily i have been use to working online for many years so this isn’t new to me but being trapped in apart from once daily getting out for a walk isn’t great but always keep a positive mind !

Secure your property online as retail won’t be here forever and online is here to stay !

Now is the time to step up

Its friday the sun is shining and it looks like a great weekend ahead apart from not being allowed to venture anywhere everyone is online planning the future if your company was not prepared for the online world it needs to be now if you have lost your job you need to plan the next step build your network online stay away from facebook build your brand on your own domain name and hold that asset for life.

Many small companies and large still are not thinking correctly spending seven firgures on PPC campaigns is fine for them but purchasing a premium doesn’t isn’t ? When a domain name can bring you in regular traffic it will bring you regular leads.

If you cant afford or make the big purchase you can lease the domain just think about your future online is here to stay beat your competition and have the best domain name !

Online Domains

Hello everyone,

I hope you are well and things are going well it’s Monday morning here the sun is shining but we all can’t go about our normal life as the world is still restricted.

This is the time to get your business online if it’s not as online will still run and no matter what you do people are using zoom,Skype to keep doing this i am also getting lots of leads on online type domains.

The time is now to push your idea online even if it’s going to cost you a small amount to buy that premium domain it’s going to benefit you and increase your chances online.

If you need any advise please get in touch

Building your brand online

Good Morning everyone its the 27th of march and in the UK we are on a lockdown i know many companies are affected if your company isn’t online its the best time to get it online with a premium domain and lots of time on your hands its the best oppertuniuty you have…

If you want help building your company online from a website to social media get in touch i am happy to advise and help during these times.

Online World

March has been up and down still plenty of traffic to domain names with many leads but with everything going on in the world some people have been affected in a bad way.

The online world i feel it’s going to grow stronger with more people going online branding buying more domains and many starting new online companies we will soon see what will happen but i hope everyone is safe. sold $205,000

Speaking to a close domain investor recently James he was telling me he brokered the domain sale of for $205,000 great domain and a good price shows that the value of GTLDS are still great and I feel the prices are rising each year i hold lots of premium domains and every few month the prices will be raised like i always say the most important part of your business is your domain name if you wish to get above your competition!