What domain name should you purchase ?

When looking to start a new online company or new start up which domain name should you go with ?

So many people make the mistake buying a really poor free to register domain and avoid a premium domain if your looking for a world wide business the. buy a .com if it’s based in the UK then buy a if you want to stand out and get direct traffic buy a premium name which you can use for example if your calling your company sponsor ltd buy and so on a premium domain will be the future of your business forget wasting hundreds of thousands on adverts and advertising the domain is the most important part.

Premium Domain Names

I do love my premium domain names but i get emails daily say I’m selling a premium domain to get a name like etc this is not a premium domain for example a premium domain is a high quality domain like i own more premium domains in the space but it has taken me a long time to build up a strong portfolio you can’t just pick these domain names up..

I do offer services for valuing domain names which I charge also if your a small company or large I can manage your domain portfolio and make sure it’s maintained far to many companies let high end premium domains expire and drop.

Weekend Leads

Hi all I’m sure I’m not the only one on the weekend i take leads offers which are not serious or even close leads and then they never pay this happens more on weekends maybe people that are bored or can’t afford to buy the domain but it’s just a pointless exercise.

I would rather they didn’t even make a offer just pure time wasting not always the case but most weekends are like this….

Domain Leads

I handle a huge amount of leads for my premium domains but when it’s a £50 offer for a domain prices in the £xx,xxx range it’s not going to work we have heard all of the story’s ‘It’s for my student project it’s all i can afford… Simple pay the price or find another domain name.

We do offer plenty of services but none are free I’m still getting lots of domains sent to me for valuations this is a paid service.

$30 million sale of sets a new record of highest cash price paid for a domain name.

This just shows a good domain name can be sold for any amount and as time goes on domain value rises i will keep easing my prices for .com and i hold lots of high quality premium domains and these are the best asset a company can own.

Just look how much companies and small businesses spend on marketing when a domain name is the key asset but still people don’t get it and the clever people will keep getting ahead.

Buying a .com domain in 2020

Hello all with so many domain name extensions in 2020 we all still get asked the same question i can register a .biz or .app for registration cost instead of a .com domain name but people still go ahead and come back to buy the .com i still feel the .com is the king of domains and will always be 1000 X ahead of all the rest of the domain extensions there are so many reasons why but .com means you are serious.