Whats going on in 2023 in the domain world ?

Hello all,

Its been a while last update with at the London domain event next once should be in a few months !

I haven’t done a post for a while and ill be honest I have been busy with my domain names managing them and sorting them out I am developing more domains now and only selling some if the price is right so if you do contact me with silly offers don’t expect to ever own a premium domain for £50.

I have been moving domains away from platforms like dan.com etc as the % of sale is now 25% which is crazy I shall deal with most of my domain sales private now I own some of the best domain names in co.uk I am still shocked at what domain names companies are using in the UK also I am always shocked at the customer service of most companies these days is awful. I love building out domain names and these premium domain names need to be built on and turned into a website.

I feel the demand for good domains is still high so if your a company looking to acquire your premium domain name in the UK buy a co.uk and get the best one as once its sold it will never come back on the marketplace again !!

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