The online world continues to grow

As we move onto the end of October you can see more small and large businesses moving online with lots of local lockdowns happening people just dont want to go to the shops. I find most men are happy to shop online and only go shopping if they really want to see something like a phone/watch etc

I have found many retail shops with no online presence apart from maybe a facebook page or instagram it just shocks me really its 2020 everyone should at least have a domain name with your own presence.

We understand not everyone can afford a premium domain name but who wants your competitors having it ? Its one of the best marketing tools you can ever own !

When some companies using a poor domain are happy to blow £XXX,XXX per month of google ads when they should own the best domain name !

As we move forward domain name values are increasing and once its off the market you won’t have a chance again.

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