Its friday

Hello all as we move towards the end of January I am getting more website development on the go and taking more of my domains off the market forever now that the internet is the place to be why sell the domain name when it can be used and developed into a business. If people do reach out please dont waste my time with pointless offers I get this all the time with funny enough lots of large companies that are clueless of domain value. Lets waste 500k on a digital ad in London and not have a good domain name makes no sense to me !

Well thats the problem the decision makers should all be sacked as they are loosing the company millions as the domain name is much more valuable than a ad in a crappy newspaper that no one reads or a digital ad that no ones really cares about have free traffic when you have a domain name for life as long as you renew it. Stand out and look like your serious and own the best domain name.

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